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Interactive Onsite Learning

Interactive Onsite Learning
  • AI-based Proctored Testing
  • Archive Management
  • Dynamic Attendance Management
  • Live Interactive Learning Management System
  • Content Sharing
  • Student Management System

Interactive On-site (IOL) Platform

Interactive Onsite Learning

Dynamic Content Sharing

Chat, Poll, Presentation, Group Learning

One-to-One interaction with the faculty

Attendance, Archives Management

Hughes IOL Platform Eco-System

HUGHES Education Audio, Video & Data Delivery Platform (IOL) HUGHES Education Audio, Video & Data Delivery Platform (IOL)

Distinctive Features


Significant Network Bandwidth Reduction by Multicast Tunneling

Multicast tunneling support can dramatically reduce network bandwidth when large numbers of users connect from multiple geographically dispersed locations such as banks, reducing the cost of expensive WAN sections.

  • MPS:  Media Processing Server 
  • DTS:  Data Transfer Server
  • MPS:  Representative Client

Large-scale visitor processing by distributed processing server

It is a server distributed technology that supports not only a small number of sessions but also sessions with hundreds and thousands of users at the same time. 



Virtual Space-based High Immersion Video Conferencing

In the existing video conference, each background is displayed on the connected user's video and arranged in a grid. In addition, when you have shared content such as PowerPoint, meeting immersion decreases with visual dispersion.

Hadden Bridge's virtual space-based video conferencing allows users to combine video with the background removed from the user's background in real time, not just on the 3D Depth Camera but also on the normal 2D camera without a separate blue screen. Make your video immerse yourself in the new UX by placing your video in the background of the shared document.


Display up to 60 videos

The powerful Media Processing Server (MPS) can display up to 60 user videos per session, concentrating on meetings.



Most institutions and companies spend a lot of time and money on break outs. TOMMS implements group inquiry in real time online, enabling effective employee training in less time and at a lower cost.


Tools and Services

Tools with the Faculty

  • Share content including HTML pages, slides, documents, and video clips
  • Share an application 
  • Activate a participant – raising his hand
  • Chat during the session – single or multiple 
  • Conduct a poll 
  • Grant Co-Presenter functionality to a participant
  • Assign groups for group learning 
  • Conduct test
  • Assign Priority to student – High, Low and Normal
  • Add Frequently Asked Questions for the participants to view

Tools with the Students

  • Ask a question by raising hand
  • Chat (or send message) with the instructor / Subject matter expert & with other participants
  • Converse and use whiteboard tools when instructed by the instructor
  • Enable presenter to view his application
  • Deliver the session as a co-presenter
  • Participate in poll
  • Participate in discussion group
  • Review test and surveys
  • View Frequently asked questions
  • View Archived Sessions

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